About Us

Welcome To Africaemart

Africaemart is an E-Commerce company that aids trade amongst Africans through the provision of its multi-vendor platform where multiple sellers or vendors open free online shops and sell their merchandise riding on its high digital traffic and free advertising amongst many other advantages. We create pathways to connect millions of sellers and buyers in markets across Africa and other continents around the world. Our technology empowers our customers, providing everyone the opportunity to grow and thrive — no matter who they are or where they are in the world. And the ripple effect of our work creates waves of change for our customers, our company, our communities and our planet.

The world is going digital now; so Africaemart is all about creating technology driven businesses.

Our Mission: To become an unrivaled e-commerce service provider by building long-term relationships with the clients and vendors and preserving their trust by focusing on quality, cost-effectiveness, technology, and on-time delivery.

Our Vision: To be the preferred partner in the Retail and Wholesale sector and achieve excellence in the global market with our flawless solutions and new technologies.


We apply best practice and employ innovative technology and digital thinking. They say Africa is dark at midnight because we don’t know each other, so Africaemart offers a network and vehicle for us Africans to trade amongst our selves and showcase our locally made merchandise regardless of the business size.

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